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Crawley Exhaust Centre

Just Mechanics Crawley exhaust centre. Repairs and fitting to exhausts and catalytic converters for most vehicles.

Our experienced team of local technicians provide high quality, value-for-money car servicing.

Your exhaust system can fail for a number of reasons - accidental damage, faulty components, or simple wear and tear.

We will always try and repair your exhaust before recommending a direct replacement. Sometimes these repairs can be carried out while-u-wait.

It is advisable to have your exhaust checked every 10,000-12,000 km, or at least once a year for damage or failure.

If you are in any doubt about the exhaust on your vehicle, and you want to get it checked by a local, reputable Crawley garage, then get in touch today and arrange an appointment. You can call us on 01293 428997.

Crawley Exhaust Repairs

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We can accept payment by cash or any major credit/debit card.

We do not offer credit terms nor do we accept cheques. Invoices must be paid for in full before your vehicle is released.