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Fuel Drain

Sussex Fuel Drain Down Services

All drain downs undertaken

We will recover your vehicle, remove the incorrect fuel with our specialist drain down equipment, then we will put sufficient correct fuel in for your car to start and get to the nearest fuel station and off you go again.

Running your engine with the incorrect fuel can seriously damage your engine, and may invalidate your manufacturers warranty. Our drain down system will remove the incorrect fuel without causing any damage to your cars engine.

In the meantime if you need a hire car, we can supply you one from our large range of cars, see our 'Hire' page for more details.

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Our prices are very competitive. We will never compromise the quality of our service.

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We can accept payment by cash or any major credit or debit card.

We do not offer credit terms nor do we accept cheques. Invoices must be paid for in full before your vehicle is released.